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Newborns are photographed usually in the morning. Newborn babies under 2 weeks generally are best first thing in the morning as they have been up all night. As they get older they are more awake in the morning, which is why we will schedule the older babies a tiny bit later. We have learned from experience that newborns in the afternoon or early evening are generally not as comfortable and therefore we do not photograph newborns at this time.

Newborn scheduling is ideal when done in advance. If a newborn session has not been scheduled in advance, we do ask that clients call or email within 24 hours of giving birth with the newborn statistical information. Our wish is for healthy wonderful deliveries, however we know that complications or postpartum recovery delays do happen.

When you email information about the delivery, please let us know:

  • Date/time baby was born
  • Weight of baby
  • Name (if known)

Most newborns are scheduled anywhere from 8-14 days after the birth. The time frame usually varies based on the baby weight and progression. A baby born around 5-6 lbs may be scheduled around the 14th day, whereas a baby born 7-8 or 9 lbs, may be scheduled around 8-12 days. We do suggest newborns be scheduled within the first two weeks.

A newborn is considered so for 6 weeks. As a newborn progresses in development the bones harden and they tend to “uncurl” and stretch out more. A newborn photo session can successfully be achieved at any of these weeks with special care and prep.

It is important to understand that newborns are not turned away for their age, however; certain poses may not be possible as they get older.