5 Tips for Stress Free Photos of Your Kids

When it comes to family portraits most
parents’ number one concern is how to get their little ones to pose and
cooperate during the shoot. There are always challenges to face when trying to
get everyone in the family to look their best and look at the camera altogether
but it is not something you need to stress about. These simple tips will help
you prepare your young ones for their big day in front of the camera whether
it’s for family portraits or birthday pictures.

5 Tips to Prep Your Kids for Your Family

1. Scheduling

You’ll want to schedule your shoot around
you kids schedule. Work around naps or feeding times so they aren’t fussy or
cranky during the shoot.

2. Make it a big deal.

You want your children to be excited about
the shoot so let them know about it well in advance. Make it into a special
occasion so they can get more excited and interested in taking part in it. Even
offer a special treat for after the shoot.

Alex first birthday party

3. Bribes

While you may not like the idea of bribing
it can be a good idea to have a small piece of candy to give your kids for
right after the shoot is done. A small treat can go a long way in helping avoid
the additional stress of an uncooperative toddler.

4. Let The Photographer Give Directions

It’s natural for parents to want to give
their children directions during a shoot or make adjustments to their clothing
but this often leads to parents not looking at the camera. Let your
photographer take the reins and you just focus on looking good and being camera
ready yourself. Kids also tend to listen better to another adult so it can make
everything a lot easier for everyone.

Baby girl stepping up on blue box on the grass

5. Enjoy the Experience

Of course, you want each shot to be amazing
but your focus should be on enjoying the moment with your family and children.
Sometimes the most picture perfect moments are the ones that don’t seem so
perfect in the moment. Don’t set expectations of how you want the perfect
family portrait. Instead focus on having the perfect family moments. The more
fun you are having the more fun your kids will have too.