Senior Portrait Guide for Guys

Your senior year is a significant milestone—it’s a time of endings and new beginnings, and what better way to commemorate this transition than with a high school senior portrait session? For guys in Concord, MA, this is your chance to shine, to capture the essence of your high school years in a way that’s entirely your own. This guide is here to navigate you through the process, making sure your senior portraits reflect your unique spirit and style.

Choosing the Right Photographer for Guys

The first step in ensuring your senior portraits turn out great is finding the right photographer. You want someone who not only has a great portfolio but also understands how to connect with high school seniors, especially guys. A good photographer will make you feel at ease, understand your vision, and suggest poses and ideas that reflect your personality. We offer a pre-session consultation to get a feel for their style and personality.

Outfit Ideas That Make a Statement

Choosing outfits might seem daunting, but it’s actually an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Consider at least one casual outfit that you feel most comfortable in—this could be your go-to jeans and a stylish t-shirt or hoodie. For a more formal look, think about what you’d wear on a special occasion or a job interview. It’s also cool to include an outfit that reflects your interests, like your team jersey, band t-shirt, or even your scout uniform. Remember, the goal is to show the many facets of your personality.

Best Type of Locations for Guys

Discovering the perfect setting for your senior portraits is key, especially for guys who want their personality to shine through. Whether you’re drawn to the rugged outdoors for a touch of adventure, the historic streets of Concord for a classic vibe, or the dynamic energy of a sports field that speaks to your athletic spirit, Concord offers a variety of locations that cater to every interest. Choosing a location that resonates with your hobbies, whether it’s a serene park, an urban alley with cool graffiti, or even your own backyard, ensures your portraits are not only memorable but deeply personal. Check out our Location Guide.

What to Expect During Your Portrait Session

A lot of guys worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera, but there’s really nothing to fear. A good session is laid-back and fun. Your photographer will guide you through the whole process, from choosing locations to striking the perfect balance between posed and candid shots. Expect to spend a few hours exploring different settings, changing outfits, and capturing a variety of expressions and poses.

Tips for Guys to Rock Their Portrait Session

  • Be Yourself: Authenticity shines through in photos. Don’t worry about fitting into some mold or idea of what you think you should look like.
  • Relax: Take a deep breath and try to enjoy the experience. The best photos come when you’re genuinely having a good time.
  • Try Different Poses: Trust your photographer, but also speak up if you have ideas. Whether it’s a pose with your skateboard or simply lounging casually, your input is valuable.

After Your Session: The Reveal and Beyond

Seeing your portraits for the first time is exciting. Approach this viewing with an open mind, and remember, these photos represent a moment in time. When selecting your favorites, think about their use—whether for the yearbook, to share with family, or to post on social media. This is also the time to order prints or any other photo products offered by your photographer.

lowell family photographer photographing a senior


How long does a senior portrait session typically last?

Most sessions last about 1 hour, depending on locations, outfits, and other factors.

What should I bring to my portrait session?

Beyond outfits, consider props that tell your story. Musical instruments, sports equipment, or even your beloved car or motorcycle can add a personal touch to your photos.

How do I deal with acne or blemishes in my photos?

We fully retouch your photos to ensure you look your best. Be upfront about your concerns, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I’m not sure how to pose?

We will guide you through poses that look natural and feel comfortable. The goal is to capture your genuine self, so there’s no need to practice model poses.

How many outfit changes can I have?

Typically, you can expect to change two to three times. Discuss this with your photographer beforehand to plan your session accordingly.

What’s the best way to prepare for my session?

Get a good night’s sleep, and come with a positive attitude. Consider getting a haircut a few days before the session, and bring a variety of clothing.

You can also check our How to Plan the perfect senior portrait session article.

Can I include my car in the session?

Yes, vehicles can be a great addition to your session, showcasing your interests and personality. Give us a call today for more information!

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