I almost forgot how crazy life can become with a brand new puppy. My friends Ana&Dina recently found that out probably 5 minutes after their new puppy arrived.

Hazel, the puppy “nut” as I call her, is a pile of energy as any new healthy puppy can be. She runs around non stopping, looking for new things to play or chew on. Remember that commercial with the Duracell bunny? Yeah, that pretty much describes Hazel-nut!

Adjusting to a new pet can be challenging, it requires a lot discipline and consistent training to make sure the puppy grows up to become a well behaved and adjusted dog. They can be like toddlers requiring a lot of attention, but they will reward you with the most beautiful feelings you can experience, unconditional love. That is priceless and I wish everyone have the opportunity at some point of their lives to experience that.

Here are some images from Hazel’s photo shoot. Enjoy!


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