Jackie is 2 years old!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful baby girl! It seems that it was yesterday that she came to us.

Jackie came from Final Victory Animal Rescue in Columbia, SC only a couple of days before Hurricane Florence hit. I remember driving very early in the morning all the way to the Connecticut border to pick her up in a rest stop. When we got there we found another 4 families also waiting to pick up their new family members. When the van arrived it was a mix of excitement and anticipation. We all got our instructions and then the van driver started to distribute all the animals that were being delivered at that stop. The van was full of crates with dogs large and small, kittens, cats you name it, all the be adopted in different parts of New England.

And there she was, this adorable 6 months old black furry thing. Now when we look at the pictures from that day she looks so tinny. We called her “little monster” as she wouldn’t get tired of tear up any paper she could find. It took her a little while to settle down and call our house home, but now she definitely rules in Chelmsford. She stoled our heart and we couldn’t imagine life without her.


  • Dog Cake and hat: The Barkery
  • Decorated Dog cookies and accessories: Tj Maxx
  • Wall decorations: Etsy
  • Dog treats: Chewy
Dog cake
Dog colorful cookies
Dog party decorations
dog treats
Chelmsford Dog birthday party photoshoot
dog treats
dog party
Dog birthday cake
doggy birthday party
Pet party
dog licking pink cake
doggy looking to pink birthday cake
black lab licking face
dog kissing mom with birthday hat
dog and mom birthday photo