When To Do Cake Smash Photos

When to do cake smash photos? You ask yourself. Few moments are as iconic or memorable when capturing infancy’s joy and messiness as the cake smash. This playful tradition, where a child is given a small cake to do as they please, has become a beloved rite of passage for many families. But when is the ideal time to schedule this sticky, sweet photo shoot? Let’s dig in.

What is a Cake Smash?

At its heart, a cake smash is a photo session that celebrates a child’s birthday or another milestone by allowing them to interact with a cake however they see fit. This usually involves eating, smashing, and playing with the cake while a photographer captures the moment.

The Best Time for Cake Smash Photos

When to do cake smash photos


Age Consideration:

Ideal Age for Cake Smash

The perfect age for a cake smash is typically around a child’s first birthday. This timing captures a moment when they’re old enough to sit up and interact with their surroundings but young enough for the cake mess to be adorable and unexpected.

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Seasonal Considerations:

Best Seasons for Outdoor Cake Smash Sessions

If you’re considering an outdoor session, spring and early fall offer mild weather and beautiful backdrops for these messy moments. However, indoor sessions can be scheduled year-round, regardless of weather.

Planning Your Cake Smash Session

Choosing a theme

Selecting a theme that reflects your child’s personality or interests can make the photos even more special. Whether it’s based on a favorite book, color, or something more whimsical, the theme can guide decorations, cake design, and outfits. You can check out my pinterest cake smash ideas for inspirations.

Finding the Right Photographer

Not all photographers are experienced with cake smashes or working with young children. We specialize in family and child photography with a portfolio matching the style you hope to achieve.

Preparing for the Session

What to Bring

In addition to the cake and any themed decorations, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for your child, wipes for clean-up, and any favorite toys to help them feel comfortable.

Setting Expectations

Understanding that the session may be unpredictable is key. Some children dive right into the cake, while others may be hesitant. A good photographer will help coax out those precious moments.

During the Cake Smash Session

Capturing the Moment

The best cake smash photos capture not just the action of the smash but the range of emotions and expressions your child goes through. Encourage playfulness and don’t worry about the mess; that’s what makes these photos so endearing.

Keeping the Child Engaged

Photographers often use toys, songs, and games to keep the child’s attention on the camera, but parents’ presence and encouragement are invaluable. Your familiar face and voice can make all the difference.

During the Cake Smash Session

Post-Session Clean-UP

Be prepared for some clean-up after the session. Some photographers offer facilities for this, but having towels and wipes on hand is always a good idea.

Ordering Prints and Albums

Once the session is over and you’ve received your gallery, consider how you want to preserve these memories. Prints, albums, or digital galleries can make wonderful keepsakes or gifts for family members.

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Cake smash photos are a super fun and joyful way to commemorate a significant milestone in your child’s life. By choosing the right time, planning carefully, and embracing the moment’s chaos, you can capture memories that will delight your family for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my child doesn't like the cake?

If your child doesn’t seem interested in the cake during a cake smash session, don’t worry—it’s a common scenario, and there are several ways to handle it. Firstly, give your child some time to get curious about the cake without any pressure. Sometimes, they need a few moments to explore and understand that it’s okay to touch and taste.

If hesitation persists, try gently guiding their hand to touch the cake or using a small piece of cake to tempt them. Sometimes, children are more willing to engage with the cake if they see their parents or siblings tasting it and showing enjoyment.

Consider the cake’s texture and taste as well. Some children might not like the frosting’s texture or the cake’s flavor. Having a familiar food that they like as a backup can help make them more comfortable. For example, if they love strawberries, you could place a few around the cake to encourage interaction.

Remember, the goal of a cake smash is to capture your child’s unique reactions and interactions with the cake, whether they dive in or approach it cautiously. The photos will capture a memorable moment in their life, cake lover or not.

What is the best time of day for a cake smash?

When to do cake smash photos? The best time of day for photos, particularly if you’re aiming for natural light photography, is during the “golden hours” – shortly after sunrise or before sunset. During these times, the sunlight is softer, warmer, and more diffused, creating a flattering, dreamy effect that’s perfect for capturing the whimsical nature of a cake smash.

For indoor sessions, scheduling around your child’s routine is crucial. Aim for a time when your child is usually well-rested, fed, and in a happy mood. For many young children, this might be in the morning after their first nap. Well-rested children are more likely to engage positively with the cake, making for a smoother session and more vibrant photos.

Avoid planning the session close to nap times or mealtimes, as hunger or tiredness can lead to fussiness, making it challenging to capture those joyful moments. Keeping your child’s comfort and natural light in mind will help ensure the cake smash is a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Can siblings participate in the cake smash?

Yes, siblings can definitely participate in the cake smash, and it often adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the session! Including brothers or sisters can help the main celebrant feel more at ease and encourage them to interact with the cake. Sibling participation can lead to adorable, dynamic photos showcasing their bond and interactions.

If you’re considering including siblings in the cake smash, here are a few tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Discuss with Your Photographer: Make sure to communicate with your photographer ahead of time about including siblings. They can plan the session accordingly and provide guidance on how to best incorporate them.

  2. Consider the Age Gap: The age difference between siblings can affect the session. Older siblings can be great at demonstrating what to do with the cake, while younger ones might simply follow along or watch in curiosity.

  3. Prepare Extra Snacks: Have additional snacks or even a smaller cake for the sibling(s) to ensure they feel included and to prevent any potential disputes over the main cake.

  4. Coordinate Outfits: Matching or complementing outfits can enhance the visual appeal of your photos, creating a cohesive look that’s charming and memorable.

  5. Set Expectations: Briefly explain to the older sibling(s) what will happen during the cake smash and encourage them to be gentle and supportive. This can help in managing their behavior and making sure everyone has a good time.

  6. Safety First: Especially with very young siblings, supervise closely to prevent any accidental harm, such as knocking over the cake or the younger child eating too much cake too quickly.

Incorporating siblings into a cake smash session can make for a fun and memorable event, capturing the joy and camaraderie among them.

How far in advance should I book the session?

It’s generally recommended to book your cake smash session at least 2-3 months in advance. This timeframe ensures you have enough leeway to plan and prepare for the shoot, including deciding on themes, outfits, and props. It also allows you to secure a slot with your preferred photographer, who may have a busy schedule, especially during peak seasons or weekends.

Booking early gives you ample time to discuss your vision with the photographer, make any necessary arrangements for custom decorations or special outfits, and address any concerns or special requests you might have. Additionally, if you’re planning to use the photos for birthday party invitations or decorations, booking early ensures you’ll have the edited images in time.

If your session is intended to coincide with your child’s actual birthday or a specific event, aim to book even earlier to avoid any scheduling conflicts. Remember, the more popular the photographer, the earlier their schedule might fill up, so it’s wise to reach out as soon as you’ve decided to proceed with a cake smash session.

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