Fairy Photography

A Whimsical Portrait Adventure

Step into a World of Enchantment: Experience the Magic

Fairy photography sessions bring the enchanting world of childhood dreams to vivid life, allowing children’s imaginations to soar. These sessions are a precious opportunity for kids to embody the magic of fairies, capturing moments of pure wonder and joy. They not only provide a creative outlet but also create timeless keepsakes that celebrate the innocence and fantasy of youth. For families, it’s a way to preserve the fleeting moments of childhood in a form as magical as the imagination of the children themselves.

Your little girl is only little once. Join us for a magical fairy day experience.

Our sessions are designed to capture the magic of childhood and are ideal for ages 3 to 10.


Becoming a fairy… We have all the props, you just bring the magic

flower crown

Floral Crowns

Fairy Dresses

fairy session
  • Your little girl will love transforming into a fairy and bringing her imagination to life
  • I have a selection of magical fairy dresses in various colors to choose from
  • Be transported to a magical set exclusively designed for the session
  • I am a master photographer with years of experience working with children
  • Receive a special fairyland gift to take home as a keepsake

NOTE: This special event is two days only

June 23 & 29

Call today at (617) 259-0883 to reserve your appointment, times are limited!



🧚 What is included in a session?

The Fairy Experience includes a 20-minute fully immersive portrait experience, wardrobe options for fairies, and one special fairy gift! All sessions are by appointment and can be booked by calling the studio at (617) 259-0883 or emailing us at lcalvin@lucianacalvin.com

🧚 What age is this for?

Fairy Day sessions are ideally suited for 3+ to 10, but no one is too old to visit the forest and experience the wonder. Please inquire for dress availability sizes 10+.


🧚 When do I make a portrait selection?

As soon as you book the session, we will create a viewing session at your convenience, usually within the first week.

🧚 Can I have two kids in the same images?

Yes! We love siblings. We can have them play alone and together to showcase their sibling relationship. Three total siblings can fit on our set at one time.

🧚 What products do you offer, and how much can I expect to spend?

We offer exclusive fine artwork, portrait prints, frames, albums, and more.   All portrait orders include web-sized social media files.

NOTE: This special event is two days only

June  23 & 29

Call today at (617) 259-0883 to reserve your appointment, times are limited!

✨✨ Bringing childhood wonder to life, one magical moment at a time!✨✨